Ann Arbor Fairy Doors Tour

No trip to Ann Arbor would be complete without catching a peek of some of our public art. And some of the most famous public art in town includes the fairy doors at various businesses downtown. We have gathered some of that information and posted it here for your convenience.

Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor

(Link goes to Urban-Fairies Operations external website of Jonathan B. Wright, the source of this information.)

Mystical Adventures!!!

Hop aboard the magical streets of Ann Arbor and go on a magical journey which will lead you through a free adventure filled with fairy doors and people watching. Catch the sights and sounds as you use your map (down-loadable on numerous websites devoted to these fairy door locations). Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea, Peaceable Kingdom, Jefferson Market & Cakery, The Ark, Lakewood Elementary Kindergarten, Fairy ticket window, Found Gallery, Mott Children’s Hospital, The Michigan Theater, Google Offices, Nicola’s Books, Flying Pumpkin, Cottage, etc.

The Fairy doors are an adorable, free activity for people of all ages. Hunting the fairy doors is something fun to do in between shopping at all of the cool AA shops. It’s also a great way to burn off calories after eating at your favorite Downtown AA restaurant. Besides burning calories, hunting Fairy Doors makes for a memorable date night with BAE. Need an excuse to go on an adventure with your squad? Set up a Fairy Door Bar Crawl. There are so many reasons why you should seek these doors out! Also the artwork is fun and it’s definitely a nice way to get some local flavor here in Ann Arbor! Plus, each door has its own unique look! You’ll be in imagination-land in no time thinking of the fun fairies.

Most of the fairy doors listed are within walking distance of First Street Garden Inn. Why not bring your queen or princess and have an adventure? Or maybe a ladies’ trip for shopping and whimsy?

Urban Fairies Tour Map Website

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Because Urban Fairies are as fickle as any Woodland or Flower Fairies, the locations change with whims. At any given time, there may or may NOT be a door when you look. Click on any thumbnail to see and read more about the particular location.

Found Gallery                           Jefferson  Market  &  Cakery

Michigan Theater                    Goblin Door?         

Peaceable Kingdom                Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea   

Field of Dreams                      Porch PUMPKIN

Red Shoes                                    Ann Arbor Library

The Ark Nicola’s Books          Google  Ann Arbor


Not within walking distance of First Street Garden Inn but nearby

Dicken Elementary                  Ann Arbor Sewing Center  

MOTT Hospital  


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