Ann Arbor Night Life helps put us on top

Did you hear? The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) published their  2017 College Destinations Index report and Ann Arbor, Michigan ranked No. 1 in U.S. metropolitan areas for college students in the small metropolitan cities category (Population 250,000 – 1 million). Those of us who have the pleasure of living here could have told you what a blessing it is to live in this vibrant city. And we’ve prepared proof of at least one of the criteria Ann Arbor ranked so high in: night life.

Our January 2017 list of upcoming events in Ann Arbor is attached here as a pdf file, and also in our Resources section.

The list this month was so long I didn’t want you to have to try to scroll down through a blog post to get through it! Most events are between now and the end of April but some go all the way through October. You may want to take a look at those, especially U of M Homecoming Weekend. This year is the University’s Bicentennial and they are celebrating big during all four seasons.

Check out the list and share it with your friends and family; there is something on it for everyone. And if you hear from James Earl Jones, tell him that when he comes to Ann Arbor in April, he is invited to stay at First Street Garden Inn as our guest and to give us a call.

Happy January, friends.  FSGI


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