April 21 ~ Fun in the City ~ Ann Arbor Events list

We told you about so many events in the last week that it’s hard to believe there is even more going on in and near Ann Arbor we haven’t mentioned, especially this weekend.

Our guides AnnArbor/Ypsi Spring & Summer Fun and More Spring-Summer 2017 Events have plenty in them to catch your attention, but this April 21 Upcoming Events includes several events happening this weekend as well as a few we missed in the near future. It also has more links to area organization calendars and information, so don’t miss this list of events in the Ann Arbor area. Pass it on to your friends and family, and don’t forget to spread the word you got it from First Street Garden Inn.

And some of our favorite events to list are those held by Tammy’s Tastings, which we accidentally left off all the April lists! So, here is your guide for fun & learning by Tammy. Image from Tammy’s website

Craft Your Perfect Martini  The gin martini is an icon for a reason! In my Classic Martini Lab on April 24 you’ll have a chance to dive deep into this classic drink. We’ll test ratios, taste gins and vermouths on their own, debate shaking vs stirring, and more. Then you’ll take what you learned and use it to create your own recipe.

Upcoming Cocktail Classes  Classes are now posted through the beginning of June. Visit the events page on my website for more classes and tickets.

May 8 (Ann Arbor) – Crafting with Vodka – Vodka gets a bad rap in the craft cocktail world. Is it deserved? We’ll do some experiments and decide for ourselves.

May 17 (Detroit) – Ladies Sling the Booze – You’ve heard of Rosie the Riveter, but do you know about Bessie the bartender? Learn all about the surprising history of women behind the bar.

May 22 (Ann Arbor) – Taking the Long Road – Sample spirits and mix cocktails featuring products from Long Road Distillers in Grand Rapids. With special guest speaker and co-owner Kyle VanStrien.

June 5 (Ann Arbor) – Negroni Lab – Celebrate Negroni Week and craft your perfect version of this timeless cocktail!



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